ORE Skills
& Careers

Are you a worker interested in the offshore renewable energies sector? Are you a student looking for information to decide on your future career? Are you a parent or teacher interested in offering new insights to young people and children?

Whatever your interest, in the FLORES Project we have an answer to your questions and curiosity. We promote life-long learning on offshore renewable energies and blue literacy.

Offshore Renewable Energies - what’s in it for you:


We want to encourage kids and young people to choose ORE careers by raising awareness on Ocean Literacy and offshore renewable sector.


We promote upskilling an reskilling of existing workers, within the ORE sector or others, who may have a interest in further developing their careers in this emerging market.

Teachers & Trainers

We help teachers, trainers and companies interested in offering professional skilling to their employees, so that they can access key materials useful to them.

What do you want to explore?

Marine Training Portal

Whether you are looking for a two-year master’s program or a two-day workshop, explore our catalog and discover training opportunities related to ORE competencies. Remember that you can also upload your own courses and training resources to the portal.