FLORES educational materials released

The EU-funded project Forward Looking at the Offshore Renewables (FLORES) aims to raise awareness about careers in offshore renewables energies (ORE).

To make this sector visible and appealing to young generations, FLORES has released a set of educational materials aim at secondary school teachers, so that they can easily bring this topics to their classrooms and integrate them in the cullicula.

What’s in it for teachers

To ease the work for secondary school teachers, the FLORES project has prepared a full set of materials that include, for every lesson, a guidebook and additional sources as well as a PowerPoint presentation.

These are aimed at developing practical Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiences for secondary school students. 

Topics included in the educational materials

The education materials cover a wide range of

  • Introduction to offshore renewables:
    • Types of renewable energy sources
    • Renewable vs non-renewable
    • Production of reneable energy by country
    • Benefits of ORE
  • Wind energy
    • What is offshore wind?
    • Where does the offshore wind blow?
    • How do offshore wind turbines generate electricity?
    • Construction of an offshore wind turbine. How big it is ?
    • Wind farms
    • Foundations
    • What about floating?
    • How much energy can we get?
    • Where are the installations
    • Why do we need offshore wind energy?
    • What are the main challenges?
  • Solar energy
    • Amazing solar facts
    • How does solar work
    • How does offshore solar work
    • Advantages of floating solar
    • Potencial benefits
  • Ocean currents energy
    • Ocean currents
    • Energy and potential
    • Demonstration projects
    • Drivers and barriers
  • Wave energy
    • Kinetic and potential energy
    • Technologies
    • Advantages and barriers
  • Tidal energy
    • What causes the tides?
    • What is tidal energy?
    • Tidal intensity across Earth
    • Technology
    • Pros and cons
    • Barriers and drivers

Download the education materials

The materials are available for download in four different laguanges.

Other resources

From the FLORES project, you may also use in your classroom our job profile card game and video interviews with inspiring workers from the Offshore Renewable Energies Sector.



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