Next steps for offshore energy production

29jan12:0013:00Next steps for offshore energy production

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The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) organises this webinar to discuss multi-use, and more specifically marine platforms that combine multiple uses, for example offshore windfarms that share space with floating solar or wave energy, aquaculture, or hydrogen production.

This webinar follows the publication of SEI policy brief Marine multi-use in practice comparing offshore wind and hydrogen production applications which explores the growing area of marine multi-use, specifically M4 (marine, multifunctional, mobile, and modular) projects. The authors Guido Mazza and Maria Xylia from the Stockholm Environment Institute will present both the potential of these solutions and what is currently holding them back.

We will also hear from industry leaders, policy experts and regulators. Which decisions, incentives, and regulations would they like to see? Should multi-use be part of the ranking criteria in wind projects? Why do we seldom design for multi-functionality? How do we balance local and national interests?



(Monday) 12:00 - 13:00