Maritime Energy Transition Summit 2024

08feb01:0004:00Maritime Energy Transition Summit 2024Exploring alternative fuels and energy efficiency technology in your fleet today 

Event Details

DNV organizes the Maritime Energy Transition Summit, a virtual event dedicated to exploring the latest advancements and opportunities in alternative fuels and energy efficiency technology within the shipping industry. 

During this one-day summit, you’ll gain firsthand insights into the perspective of cargo owners—how they are actively driving the energy transition and what they anticipate from their shipping partners. 

We will delve into the key findings from the most recent Maritime Forecast to 2050, shedding light on the various pathways and fuels available to decarbonize the industry over the long term. 

Transitioning into a discussion with industry leaders on how they are going about managing the impact from changing market and regulatory requirements on today’s fleet. We will explore the pivotal role of fuels, as well as the significant role of energy-saving technology measures. Which is today’s focus? And how does one go about understanding and measuring the impact? 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best practices and experiences of industry leaders, network with your peers, and discover new solutions and strategies for your maritime energy transition. 



(Thursday) 01:00 - 04:00