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10oct14:0017:00Education and Skills WebinarOvercoming the Wind Workforce Challenge: Solutions, Synergies and Strategies

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Context: The wind industry is facing a critical shortage of skilled workers, and we are bringing together key stakeholders to tackle this challenge head-on. By joining forces and coordinating efforts, we can find innovative solutions and ensure a thriving and sustainable wind industry.

Target audience: This event is tailored for individuals engaged in skills and education within the wind industry. This includes those addressing issues related to the shortage of skilled workers, recruitment processes, training programs, talent acquisition, reskilling initiatives, and the creation of diverse and inclusive working environments, along with workforce retention.

Aims: Let’s connect and collaborate, exchange knowledge, learn and share best practices.

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What you will learn:

  1. Get the bigger picture: understand the wind sector’s overarching challenge
    The challenge encompasses the wind sector and extends to other industries facing similar issues. Explore the wind sector’s competitive edge, find out how to leverage it and use it to attract suitable workforce. Acquire insights into the most recent European labour market data for wind energy and projected 2030 job demands.
  2. Diversified and inclusive workforce: opportunities vs challenges
    Discover best practices from industry-leading companies that have successfully implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives. Uncover practical strategies to effectively incorporate these practices into your own company and team.
  3. Let’s not reinvent the wheel: learn from other sectors
    Explore success stories from companies like Amazon, who have tackled competitive recruitment challenges and bridged skills gaps. Learn valuable lessons from their experiences and apply them to your own organisation.
  4. Secure EU funding for your training program: discover what are the public funding opportunities and how to access them
    Learn how to access public funding opportunities related to skills development. Discover key insights and considerations to keep in mind when pursuing funding for your initiatives.
  5. Find your right partner:
    In a 7-minute pitches session, you will be able to get an idea who is out there with success stories on trainings, jobs platforms, reskilling projects. Save your time by teaming up with those that can support you in your daily challenges.

Date: 14:00-17:00 CEST, 10 October 2023

Format: This webinar is modular. See the description of each block and decide whether you want to join the whole event or just the blocks that interest you the most.

Note: Questions will be allowed only via the chat function. Speakers’ details and connections can be made on request, on individual bases.



(Tuesday) 14:00 - 17:00