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The main goal of the FLORES Project is to promote the Large-scale partnership fostering the Pact for Skills in the Offshore Renewable Energies (ORE) sectors. We work for long-lasting partnerships among industry, academia, and society, to foster the development of the ORE sector in the long term.

We have identified key industry, academia and training stakeholders to partner with across the Atlantic, the Baltic and the Mediterranean basins. With them we develop regional pilot actions to review and test a selection of training materials, adapting them to their specific needs within a training itinerary according to different areas.

These pilot actions will form the seed source for future mirror working groups in the large-scale partnership launching the Pact for Skills in the ORE.

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Re-skilling toolkit for the pilot areas

Pilot action Baltic Sea

Pilot action Atlantic Sea: Northwest Spain

Pilot action Atlantic Sea: West France

Pilot action Mediterranean Sea: North Italy

Overcoming barriers to the creation of durable skills partnerships in the ORE