Project overview

FLORES at a Glance








January 2023 – December 2024 (24 months)


Centro Tecnológico del Mar (Fundación CETMAR), Spain


15 partners from 8 countries


Forward Looking at the Offshore Renewables will promote the core activity of the Large-scale partnership launching the Pact for Skills in the Offshore Renewable Energies (ORE) sector.

FLORES will support the most committed stakeholders in the ORE, underpinning the success of the offshore renewable energy strategy with the stimulation of dedicated training offers. The partnership will promote the skilling process for the new jobs expected in the sector, estimated to account for between 20,000 and 54,000 new workers in the following five years and contribute to improve upskilling opportunities in the field of the actual ORE workforce.

Skills intelligence activities will identify and prioritise the most relevant actions in the capacity-building process, covering not only the rapid and complex changes occurring in this industrial ecosystem but also capable of forecasting those changes yet to occur, especially regarding new and emerging technologies. Building on industry insights, the occupational profiles of the offshore renewable energy value chain will be reviewed, contributing to the continuous updating of the ESCO database.

The necessary re-skilling and upskilling processes will be stimulated by the FLORES innovative approaches to lifelong learning with the development of specific tools to support existing ORE training offers and facilitate access to existing training materials.

A set of multilingual educational materials will be developed to promote Ocean Literacy and awarenessraising in career and job opportunities in the European ORE sector, making those more attractive, especially for young people and women.

In addition, the bottom-up approach selected by FLORES will feature regional pilot actions adapted to the differing needs of Europe’s sea basins in the Atlantic, the Baltic and the Mediterranean. These pilot actions will form the seed source for future mirror working groups in the large-scale partnership launching the Pact for Skills in the ORE.